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Useful Links
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Most Used

The Haber Group
"Technical Staff Responding to Technical Needs"
Bentley products reseller, certified training and support for Microstation, InRoads and Triforma.

NYSDOT preferences
SelectCAD preferences developed for InRoads and Survey by New York State Department of Transportation.

VAOT standards
Vermont Agency of Transportation CADD standards.

Tri-Services preferences
InRoads preferences developed by US Army Corp of Engineers.

Lee's Webcam ...      .

Penn Mountain Snow Riders
website developed by Lee Green

Lee's Links
Old list of useful links.

Inga, your Microstation therapist.
A place to ask questions and find an extensive list of Microstation related sites.

DLG and DEM Digital Quad Maps

POB/RPLS.com Discussion Board

CADD Details online in DGN and DWG

Microstation MDL's from Snuttar

Shareware Applications

ASCII tools (.exe)
SDTS2DEM (.exe)
SDTS2XYZ (.exe)
DLG2DXF (.zip)
Info Snap

Download InRoads v8.x INI files (preferences) from:


Lab Files and Data Sets




Linear Regression

Weekly Lettings
Weekly Status Listing of Consultant Contracts in Progress.

Digital Maps
1"=200' Digital Highway mapping files from NYSDOT.
New York Water Conditions

New York Waterways
Near real time. Updated hourly however actual data retrieval frequency varies by site (hourly, 4-hour, twice-daily, or daily).

U.S. Geological Survey in New York State

Hinckley Reservoir
Current water conditions.

View DLG Maps online and download it as a gif.  These are created from DLG information as described below.  Easy to use and makes good maps.
View Aerial photo images of your favorite spot on earth. 

View historical Civil War maps online.
Make your own Tiger Maps.
Create a colorful map on screen then save it as a gif file. You can print them on you color printer. Works great, but if you don't have a fast modem, be prepared to wait while you select features to display on map. Easy to use.

Digital Line Graphs (Quad Maps).
DLG's created from 100,000 mapping are available for the entire Continental United States. They consist of 4 types of grapihical information: Roads, Hydrology, Railroads and Misc. Transportation. There are several free utilities to convert the DLG to DXF format which are on UTM 27 metric coordinate system. They can be easily transformed to any state plane grid necassary.
Street Maps
Locate a map by street address. This is a quick an easy way to find a location map by a postal address.
Get FREE software for GIS mapping, download Map Maker

Level Book Software created for Surveyors to allow the quick reduction of Level Book data. Level Book 98 has been created for Surveyors wishing to speed up the reduction of level readings without the expense of an electronic level. Features include Easy entry, multiple page book files, blank page and report printing.

Get information on GEOID '96, download CORPSCON 4.1 or the new windows beta version, get CORS data, and/or NGS Data sheets all online at National Geodetic Survey

See what the goals are for HARN (High Accuracy Reference Network). A must for any GPS user.
Paul Smith's College of the Adirondack State Park is online, find other alumni.

1200 CADD Details. (DGN and DWG) Get a FREE CD-ROM.
The Tri-Service CADD/GIS Technology Center has released a CADD Details Library in both hardcopy and electronic formats. The library contains over 1200 generic CADD details (in both AutoCAD .dwg and MicroStation .dgn formats) stored on one CD-ROM.

Microstation by Bentley Systems

Intergraph products and services.

Symmetry Systems, Inc. SPLASH by Ripple-Thru Software

Other Links
Coming Soon!

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