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InRoads SelectCAD Level 1

This 4 day course is designed for Civil/Highway Engineers, Designers, and Drafters with no prior experience in InRoads. Who want to learn to apply automation with design and drafting for site design, highway design, and COGO layout using InRoads version 8.2. This course will focus on the basics in understanding InRoads. We use preferences and data sets focusing on DOT standards, similar to those in which the students may encounter in everyday work environment. We use actual data sets similar to those in which the students may encounter in everyday work environment. After completion of this course a student will have working knowledge to design a site or highway using InRoads SelectCAD. They will have knowledge of productive techniques to develop CAD plans, profiles and cross sections showing the design. Be able to create a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the proposed surface features, and evaluate the DTM using triangles, contours and volumes.

Students should have experience in highway and/or site design; understand fundamentals of geometry and civil plans. Working knowledge of MicroStation SE or J is recommended.

Course outline includes:
1) SelectCAD configuration
• Open from Start menu
• Loading InRoads
• Project Defaults paths
• Tool options
 •  Creating Symbology and Feature Styles
 •  Symbology Manager
 •  Feature Style Manager
 •  Locks

2) Getting accustom to user interface
•Working with SelectCAD explorer
• Importing from Survey SelectCAD
• Multi-user settings
• Tool bars

3) Surfaces
• Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
• Features: why you want to use them?
• Importing from ASCII & Graphics
• Triangulating
• Editing existing DTM's
• Creating and editing features styles.BR>

4) Geometry
• Horizontal Alignments
• Horizontal elements
• Compound curves
• Linear Regression analysis
• Intersections
• Cogo Points
• Vertical Alignments
• Vertical Elements

5) Highway Design
• Super Elevations
• Templates
• Introduction to Decision Tables
• Introduction to Transition Control
• Plan and Profile Generator
• Volumes and reports

6) Site Design
(completing the design surface)
• Drape Surface
• Generate longitudinal features
• Generate sloped surface
• Isopach

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